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The Largest Hair Extensions Manufacturer & Supplier.
Since 2006

We have been since 2006 and we have loved every second of it. We have around
1000 plus customers worldwide. And most of them are repeating customers who are completely satisfied with our products. The main aim of our company is to boost our customers self-confidence and to satisfy the needs.


Nandalala Enterprises is one of the leading human hair extension Manufacturer in Asia. We are the largest supplier to the USA, UAE, UK, France, Canada, Nigeriya, Nambiya, Camoroun, Germany, Australia and South Africa. Our hair extensions are used and vouched for by leading stylists around the world. Our hair extensions are renowned for its wide range of textures, natural looks, vibrant colors. Our specially trained staff make the extensions with care so that a perfect hair extension comes with long durability and at an economic cost. We deliver both bulk and individual orders. And we deliver all around the world.


Hair problems are one of the leading causes for lack of self-confidence. Problems
like hair fall, split ends, dandruff, white hairs not only ruin your hair’s look, and they also stay for a long while. Sometimes even a lifetime. And let’s not forget the harmful effects of styling your hair like curling, coloring, etc. Having perfect hair is only a dream. But the Nandalala Enterprises can make that dream come true.

Our hair extensions are the solution to all the above problems. You can add volume with our hairs, increase your hair length up to 38 inches. You can style our hair extensions without harming your natural hair. Instead of risking any mishap while coloring your hair, you can simply choose from our wide range of colored hair extensions. Hair extensions are truly magic fairies for your hair.

And you can expect the best quality extensions from Nandalala Enterprises. We obtain virgin Indian Remy hair from temples where people shave their hair as a spiritual offering. Our team of experts grade this hair and sort them. After this the hair is cleansed with mild cleansers that do not affect the natural look of the hair. We avoid harsh chemicals at all cost and that has played to our advantage.

Our hair extensions are always more natural looking and lasts longer. That is because we have thin sewed lines that keep the hair and the cuticle intact. We make a wig from a single hair donor for consistency.

We always run behind customer satisfaction and we do not get tired of the wide range we have to cover. We deliver hair extensions that do not shed or tangle. We offer extensions for all types of hair and ethnicity. We keep in mind every single customer need and we try our level best to deliver it on time. And that is how we earned our trust and name in the industry.


We offer the best hair extensions and wigs in the worldwide.

Our hair have

No lice
Natural Texture
No old hair
Hair for every occasion
No oily hair
Lustre and smooth
No damaged done to your hair
No henna
Can be dye / change texture / washed
No mix with synthetic hair
Adds volume / length
No previous dyed hair
Colour yourself happy
No processing done
No grey hair
Easy to maintain
No mix with old hair
Available in curly / Straight / Wavy
No chemical used
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